Monday, 15 July 2013

Amazing Wednesday Nights 3

Hi guys!

Sorry for posting late again, Im a fail, Im pretty sure we've been over this.

So, last week, I watched the appretice semi final, which was really cool, and then I ate Pizza Hut pizza, which I have not had since my last day in Cyprus.

I love it so much.

Yum yum:)

Well that was last wednesday, sorry it went up on a monday:)

Stay cool,


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Terrible Tuesday that Never got Posted

Hi guys!

*flash back*

As for Terrible Tuesdays and Amazing Wednesday Nights, I have missed both of these this week, because we were away so we didnt do Wednesday Night Tea and I just forgot to upload Tuesday. Actually, I did some pretty cool stuff on tuesday, so I might actually upload that at a later date. Probably on, like, a sunday or something. Im just great with schedules like that ;D

*end of flash back*

Meanwhile, on a sunday, about a month later...

Hi guys!

So, a bit ago, I said that I had an... Interessting Tuesday in Cyprus, and I recently came back across the pictures, and it was just too good to NOT upload. So then...

When I was in Cyprus, on our last day, we spent the day at a hotel called the Venus Beach Resort.

It was reaallly nice, and had an amazing pool, it was a really deep infinity pool that was really pretty to look at.

After a full day of pool-ing, we went back to our room to get ready for our flight. We unpacked to find our traveling clothes, and it got kind of messy...

Oh well #YOLO am I right? No. Ok.

Then, I washed my hair, got dressed, put on my Epic Tshirt (which if you read a lot of my post you will know is the only thing I wear ever. Seriously. Im wearing it as I type this)
Didnt belive me, did you?

Then, we settled down, ate some Pizza Hut, then went to the airport and caught our flight home. Sigh. I wish I was still there!!

Well thats all folks! See you next time!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Amazing Wednesday Nights 2

Hey guys!

Guess whos back, back again!

Its me again! Im back from my disapearence! I have resumed my general Wednesday night blogging, and everything is back to normal. If you havent yet, I recomended you read my excuse/appology here.

Also, I know I posted Terrible Tuesdays on a Wednesday. Im a fail, ok?

Now thats out of the way, back to regularly shcedualed blogging!

My sisters friend came over this afternoon, so my Wednesday afternoon was a bit different to normal. But anyway, I went with my mum to pick my dad up from work, then came back and just chilled with my IPad for a bit, doing bit and bobs, blogging, twitter, ect.

Then my real Wednesday night started.

We had Garlic Chicken (my favourite<3) with lots of potatos and sweet corn.

We then watched The Apprentice, which I love, before departing to bed and watching Good News, which I also love.

Then it was sleepy times for me, I love Wednesday nights, it was UH-MAY-ZING. LIKE YEAH.

Anyways, see you next week guys!:)


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Things I Love - New Segment!

Hey guys!

New segment! YAY! FUNTIMES!

So, Im starting a new segment called 'Things I Love' where I shall talk about some things that I love. And trust me, theres lots. This will be a long segment.

Ive said the word segment in my head so many times, it sounds weird now. Yeeeaaahh.

So, here, in my NEW SEGMENT, I will tell you about all the different things in the world, and why I love them all:)

Today.. I guess Im just loving new segments:) I LOVE THEM SO MUCH<3 It really is alot of fun coming up with new things to write about on my blog, and then writing them, it really fills my day. I love days:)

Speaking of new segments, look out for another new segment coming you way sooooon;)
Hint hint:

See you later guys!

Terrible Tuesdays 2

Hi guys!

Wow. Took me long enough, didnt it? Considering this is the first proper episode of this, and the intro was posted over a month ago.

But anyway, today I went to dog training with my mum and my dog, Dexter.

Now, what this consists of is a long rosdtrip to a hall full of playful dogs, and then teaching Dexter how to do things. Then we have a late night roadtrip to get home. So, its kind of perfect.

In heinsight, I should probably have taken my camera or something, but hey ho, heinsights a wonderful thing.

So I had my lovley roadtrip and listening to my music, then I got to play with dogs for two hours, then I got a long roadtrip home!

I love stuff.


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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Disappearance and Failiure

Hey guys!

Im so sorry for not posting for months! (Weeks, i dont even know.)
Wow, my last post was on the first of June, which was litterally a month ago! (Or a day over:)) Like woah. Thats ridiculous, Im so sorry for just dropping off the face of the earth like that. I dont even really have an excuse, Im just very lazy and with Cyprus not having an internet connection i got really behind so I took a break. Althought i meant to resume as soon as i got back from Cyprus, but... That didnt happen.

Also, I failed the 30 Day Snap. I guess it ended up like my diary after all, with dissapointing failiure. Sigh. I was going to take the first one down, but I think Im going to leave it up as a rememinder of my epic fail, and to teach me to stick to things in future.

So, I dont know what Im doing now. Im feeling really good and Im starting some new segments and stuff is going really well.

I do have some more Cyprus blog posts to go up, but I need to tranfer them from my phine, so theyre coming:)

Also, Terrible Tuesdays will resume today, Im off on an adventure;)

Thats it for now,

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Cyprus Day 7

Hi guys!

Whats up? I feel like I havent seen you in ages! Your hair looks nice.

Cyprus! Day 7! My holiday is almost over. Pooey. But, lets just enjoy it while it lasts, shall we?

Well, I woke up this morning (feeling like P Diddy;)) at about 10 o clock, which is pretty late compared to the other days, and I was told that we werent going out today. We decided to just chill by the pool after the contraversey of yesterdays trip, and the amount of 'wasted time' on this holiday (all of which I have really enjoyed). So, we just pooled about and did whatever all morning. We worked on our water routine a bit, and taught it to Scout, so thats coming along swimmingly (hehehehe ;)).

At lunchtime we got dressed and decided to go down to the beach for lunch, so we hopped in the car and drove to a lovely beach by the sea. Well, all beaches are by the sea. For the most part. Unless they're by a river. huh.

So then we played about on the beach for a while, just messing with sand and burying our feet. There was also a big spinning play thing there as well, so me and Scout had a ride on that.

After that we came back to the villa, and did some more chilling. I danced a bit and did some blog posts, which I cant post yet because of a dodgey internet service (see Blog Note - Upload Problems)

When I got out and got dried, I went upstairs to get ready and, after about forever of choosing what to wear, I finally decided on:

Then I went and sat outside for a little bit, browsed twitter and tried to upload some blog posts (and failed), and just apprechiated the fact that I am on holiday, in the sun, in Cyprus. Wooohooo!

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